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Oxygen Concentrator Yuwell 10L 7F-10


Introducing the Yuwell Concentrator 10L 7F-10 – your dependable solution for oxygen therapy.

Key Features:
– Adjustable Flow Rate: Delivers up to 10 liters per minute, customizable to patient needs.
– Portable Design: Compact and lightweight with a built-in handle for easy transport.
– User-Friendly Interface: Large LCD display shows flow rate and battery level for effortless monitoring.
– Rechargeable Battery: Allows for uninterrupted use, even without access to an electrical outlet.
– High Performance: Provides oxygen concentrations ranging from 95.5% to 87% for effective therapy.
– Enhanced Safety: Features pressure relief mechanism and operates at a noise level below 60dB(A).
– Durable Construction: Built to last with a robust design for comfortable and reliable use.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of oxygen therapy with the Yuwell Concentrator 10L 7F-10, ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle.


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