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Inflatable Air Mattress


The Carevision Air Mattress Easy Air Plus is a premium-grade solution meticulously crafted to address the challenge of pressure ulcers (bed sores) in individuals confined to bed. Engineered with a dynamic air cell system, this mattress dynamically adjusts to the contours of the patient’s body, effectively distributing weight and alleviating pressure points. Crafted from durable and easy-to-clean materials, it ensures both longevity and hygiene. Equipped with a built-in pump, inflation and deflation are effortlessly managed, streamlining the caregiving process. Suitable for diverse care settings including hospitals, nursing homes, and home care environments, the Carevision Air Mattress Easy Air Plus offers unparalleled comfort and support, facilitating faster healing and recovery while safeguarding against the development of pressure ulcers.

Specifications of Anti bedsore air mattress

The maximum weight will be 125 kg
Voltage : (220 + 22)V / Frequency : 50 Hz Power : 10 VA + 20%


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