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Contec Nebulizer (Ne-j01)



The NE J01 compressor nebulizer efficiently delivers liquid medication by harnessing high-speed airflow generated by its compressor. This process transforms medication into fine atomized particles expelled through the outlet, facilitating easy absorption into the lungs and bronchial passages with each breath.

Key Features:

  1. Small Particle Size: Ensures medication particles are easily absorbed by the body, enhancing effectiveness.
  2. Moderate Nebulization Rate: Reduces medication waste while ensuring optimal delivery.
  3. Long Air Tubing: Provides flexibility and convenience during use, ideal for various settings including hospitals, clinics, and home use.
  4. Low Medication Residue: Maximizes nebulization rate, minimizing medication waste and residue.
  5. Compact and Lightweight: Portable design allows for easy transportation and use on the go.
  6. Low Noise Operation: Minimizes disturbance to the environment, ensuring a quiet and comfortable experience for users.

The NE J01 compressor nebulizer offers efficient and convenient respiratory therapy, making it an essential tool for medical professionals and individuals managing respiratory conditions alike.


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