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Baby Weight Scale PS 3001 – Laica Italy



Introducing the Laica Baby Weight Scale PS 3001 – your essential companion for tracking your little one’s growth with accuracy and ease. Crafted specifically for infants and young children, this digital scale boasts key features to simplify your parenting journey:

  1. Large LCD Display: Easily readable display for quick and accurate weight readings.
  2. Sturdy Platform: Supports up to 44 pounds (20 kilograms), ensuring reliability as your child grows.
  1. Tare Function: Subtract the weight of diapers or blankets for precise measurements.
  2. Auto-Off Function: Conserves battery life for long-lasting use.
  3. Compact and Lightweight: Easy to store and transport, making monitoring convenient wherever you go.
  4. Long-lasting Lithium Battery: Included for immediate use and prolonged reliability.

Invest in the Laica Baby Weight Scale PS 3001 for hassle-free and accurate monitoring of your child’s growth and development.

Now, let’s explore the Stainless Steel Cardio Stethoscope, a must-have for medical professionals seeking superior auscultation quality:

  1. High Acoustic Sensitivity: Ensures clear and precise sound transmission for quality diagnosis.
  2. Solid Stainless Steel Construction: Provides durability and reliability in every examination.
  3. Two-sided Bell and Diaphragm Combo: Offers versatility for various diagnostic needs.
  4. Cardiology-style Tubing: Enhances sound quality while ensuring practitioner comfort during extended use.
  5. Non-chill Rim Design: Gentle on patients for a comfortable examination experience.
  6. Included Accessory Box: Features firm and soft ear tips, along with a diaphragm, for customizable comfort and versatility.
  7. Latex-free: Suitable for patients with latex allergies, ensuring broad compatibility.

Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the Stainless Steel Cardio Stethoscope, delivering precision and performance in every examination.


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